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The carefully chosen coffee beans from Man’Shi House comes from the COOPAGRO, Agricultural Cooperative of the Noun department. COOPAGRO, is a cooperative composed of ANJ Plantation, Monastery of Koutaba, GIC Nefoupouafon Coffee, and other smaller coffee farmers.


Since 2009 the COOPAGRO has organized la Fete du Café. A coffee festival that takes place in December. During the two days of the festival in Koutaba, Foumbot, and Koutie, guests visit farms and factories of the cooperative, historic coffee trading monuments, and can participate in workshops. The goal is to encourage local farmers to continue growing coffee and learning better techniques of ameliorating the quality of their coffee.


In fact, the National Coffee Board of Cameroon, inspired by this tradition created FestiCoffee, a national coffee festival that takes place in March/April.  

Fete du Cafe 2018 (Coffee Festival)

Theme: Taste of the Harvest II

Previous editions of La Fete du Cafe include:

Rajeunissement du verger

Réchauffement Climatique

Femme et Café


Mécanisation et Transformation


Qualité en Quantité


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