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About Us

since 1977

Passion for Coffee

Our family’s involvement in coffee dates back in the 1940s when Njoya Arouna began the Bamoun Arabia Coffee association. 


The Man'Shi House story begins in 1977, when Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya acquires one of the oldest and largest coffee plantations in the area. The plantation was one of the few to survive the global coffee crisis in the 90s.By founding the COOPAGRO (Noun Agricultural Cooperative),it sought to reinvigorate the sector in the new context of liberalization and end of government subsidies. Seeing the value in coffee, the COOPAGRO sought to encourage farmers to keep their coffee farms.


since 2014

Roasting Premium Coffee

Man’Shi House is an evolution of the current current family Business La Maison du Cafe. La Maison du Cafe is one of the first speciality coffee shops in Cameroon in 2014. Starting from 2012-2014,the we decided to transform our coffee and promote local consumption of Cameroonian Coffee through a coffee shop La Maison du Cafe. 


Since then we have received multiple awards for the quality of our coffee beans. 

You deserve the Best cup of Coffee


Every sip of coffee, prepared by our locally trained Barista professionals, ensures that you tastes what the country has best to offer. The Man’Shi House coffee shop culture is an experience of the five senses that immerses you in a place where networking and discussion emanates for the betterment of local thought. 


Hermine Patricia Tomaino Ndam Njoya

Co-Founder of Man’Shi House, Founder of La Maison du Café, Patricia Tomaino Ndam Njoya is____  ACRAM, president of AAWC, member if the International Women in Coffee Alliance. Tomaino Ndam Njoya received her public law degree at University of Yaounde 1 and is currently a House Representative of Cameroon for the Cameroonian Democratic Union. 


Amatullah M.  Ndam Njoya

Co-Founder of Man’Shi House, Amatullah received her B.A. at the University of Pennsylvania ’19. Managed La Maison du Café in 2017-2018. Professionally trained Barista from BaristaPro in Nairobi Kenya. Attended, participated, and organized multiple Festi Coffe, Fete du Café, and  Amatullah recently received hare certification as a coffee exporter. 


Amirah S.  Ndam Njoya

Co-founder of Man’Shi House and La Maison du Café, Amirah received her BA at Washington and Lee University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Urban Planning at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Art and Design Director of La Maison du Café and of Café de Foumban, Amirah oversees the design and operations component of Man’Shi House. 

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